bleach rise of the inner hollows

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bleach rise of the inner hollows

a world of hollows are about to unravel to attempt at crippleing humanity and over ridding both the shinigami and arrancar

    calling the sinister six


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    calling the sinister six Empty calling the sinister six

    Post by Zaquri2 Mon May 04, 2009 10:52 am

    out of absolutely nowhere a garganta opened and out came five los cadios...they just became los cadios but a moment ago they were hollows. They were on a platform so that they could mobilize correctly
    leader the red headed guy
    pink headed guy
    blue headed kid
    blue headed long haired guy
    Blondie at the bottom
    calling the sinister six Rebeldes_by_Marcks

    so...this is the human world
    there isn't much to think about this small view...i heard its cralling with shinigami
    shall we just find a different world to rule?
    NO....this is the place we have been looking for
    lets get started seeing what kind of per lies within this puny world of humans

    the bunch scattered and made their way towards diffferent places...
    (wait for each one to make a topic before replying)

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