bleach rise of the inner hollows

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bleach rise of the inner hollows

a world of hollows are about to unravel to attempt at crippleing humanity and over ridding both the shinigami and arrancar

    shinigami,bankai,shikai etc.


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    shinigami,bankai,shikai etc. Empty shinigami,bankai,shikai etc.

    Post by Zaquri2 Thu Feb 19, 2009 3:25 pm

    1.first and foremost shinigami cannot go into the human world without conscent of their captain unless they are rouge and they know a way themselves.

    2.all right just so we are clear to keep a fair forum running noone can have abilities that control's elements on a molocule level and for those who have no idea what im talking about its alright when you create your character and you have such an ability you will be told about it then....

    3.zanpakutos (both arrancar and shinigami) cannot be picked up by anyone else other than people given permission to hold or weild it. spirits don't breath oxygen though it may seem that way in the show but read the manga and you'll see they breath off of ectoplasm
    (bleah 22 constiquissators) i think thats the name but still...

    5.those who want to learn bankai you must ask someone who has it already to train you...if they are in possession of that doll(no idea what its name is but you should remember the one ichigo and yuroichi used to teach ichigo himself banki) then it takes a simple 3 pages of posts and the number of characters required depends upon your rank.and captains aren't counted as a rank since you have to either know bankai to be a captain or beat the previous captain for that...and if they do not have the doll training will take three years (300 posts).
    more will be put here once i gain more members with more questions

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