bleach rise of the inner hollows

a world of hollows are about to unravel to attempt at crippleing humanity and over ridding both the shinigami and arrancar

    the plot


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    the plot Empty the plot

    Post by Zaquri2 on Mon Feb 09, 2009 10:11 am


    today there have been reports in soul society that hollows of exponential power have showed up from various places and these were no ordinary hollows they looked as though they were adjuchas to the of the captains of the gotei thirteens research and development dsicovered that the hollow was no mere adjucha but a rouge shinigami as well...this was strange to the gotei thirteen but not suprising...they firgured that shinigami would loose control of their hollows at some point or another and there was no telling how many vizards were out there was a state of emergency and fuktaichos along with most of their division patroled karakura town.....


    a dimension was created inside every shinigami's mind that carried a hollow within and that dimension led to a place that looked an awful lot like a prison except with various doors and stairs leading to a different room but only one of the inner hollows dared to speak out of courage to attain the title grand quisitor

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